Meet The Team!

Thomas Flaherty Thomas Flaherty


Hello, I am Thomas. My vision for Pacific APC is to offer frictionless service at an affordable price! I absolutely love what I do and try to provide a product that not only exceeds our clients expectations but leaves a good impression. I have Skied and Snowboarded my entire life and love the water in the summers!



 Jon Vangstad Jon Vangstad

Chief Operating Officer

Hello, I am Jon! My favorite thing to do is get together with my family and play card games. I enjoy good glass of wine shared with friends and family. Every year I visit Zillah, Wa for wine tasting and visiting family owned orchards.



Cole Campbell - Field Tech Manager Cole Campbell

Field Tech Manager

Hello, I am cole! I love making and listening to music and sharing it with others! On my free time if I am not with my significant other I am at the gym playing basketball! 



Isabella Flaherty Isabella Flaherty

Office Manage

Hello, I am Isabella! I love baking and spending time with my 3 amazing children. My favorite time of the year is when family gets together because I enjoy getting together and playing games with my family.


Ignacio- 25 years of irrigation experience! highly knowledgable in all things irrigation!

 Evan- 4 years experience in field work, loves dogs and cats! If you need irrigation problems resolved Evan can make sure you are taken care of!

JagJot- Very friendly person who loves nature and the outdoors! Wonderful person to work with, always kind!