Trilogy Side & Backyard

Contactless - Frictionless - Affordable Side&Backyard Program

Scheduling options:

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If you have questions call: 206-919-1385       M-F 9:30-3:30

We have two office staff during working hours. Due to high call volume you may need to leave a voicemail with name and number so they can call you back to help get your account set up.


What is this program:

For residents up of trilogy that feel like they have a lack of support with their irrigation we offer a program to be a solution to this problem. With transparent affordable pricing and a clear structure we hope to be a good option for side and backyard irrigation needs that are not covered by HOA. 



90.00$ one time visit. Complete audit with post visit summary and form.

207.00$+tax Annual charge- Charged once a year at the beginning of the season.

non refundable --- By credit card only


What is included:

Priority client, If there is a break in your side&back yard system that requires quick resolution it will be completed within 1-3 working days.

2 Audits, one before the irrigation season begins and another audit in August/September. We will do backyard audits within a two week window and does not require anyone to be home. To keep costs affordable we do not schedule with home owners and walk them through their systems as part of this program. Residents requiring additional support will receive additional support at no extra cost within reason. Once the audit is complete the resident will receive an email of what was completed and we will also leave a door hanger with a note of our findings.

It will also include an in-depth winterization, when we do the front yard winterizations for the HOA our techs will physically go into the backyard to ensure the system is completely winterized.

It includes an equipment charge which will cover worry free minor repairs like irrigation head or simple repairs. If we discover anything that is deemed extensive that is not covered in our scope of work included we will provide an estimate on additional repairs needed.


Priority service:

-If something is broken or a client would like their system adjusted there will be priority service where a Trilogy resident could schedule directly by calling APC fully staffed office Monday - Friday 9:30-3:30 to easily schedule.

-Even though irrigation audits and inspections are to be done without home owner interaction they will get a report of findings post audit and if they find anything further broken they will get priority booking.


What is an audit?

-Calibrate and adjust all heads to maximize spray pattern

-Replace at max 1 head per audit/inspection included as needed

-Includes all nozzle replacements

-Email report of what was done and what we discovered

-Estimate of any needed/recommended extensive repairs


What is additional: See attached trilogy transparent pricing list